Planning Your Path For Business Success

How to achieve your FINAL Goal!
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"I personally wrote this book to help you get a clear understanding of how valuable a good plan is to your business and knowing what to put in it" - Ben Fewtrell

You’ll Learn:

  • To have a realistic time frame to achieving your end goal. This will make it easier for you to stay motivated.
  • How to stay "Focused" and "Driven" in tough times and how jumping these hurdles will separate you from the rest. 
  • The importance of team building and how to leverage teamwork in times of distress.
  • How to understand the 80/20 Principle when applied to your learning and your relationships.

Ben Fewtrell

About the Author

Ben Fewtrell was born in Sydney in 1973, and grew up watching his parents work hard in their textile importing business.

Ben owns  one of the largest Business Exceleration firms in Australia and has personally coached 1000's of businesses.

He is a regular contributor to several national business publications and is involved in other business interests that operate without his day-today involvement.